Kids Korner


American Angler's helping kids

 On August 11th, 2019 American Angler Eric L. was proud to give back to the community with the help of  Vedder's crab traps. Lillian W  Of the Tom's river area was the proud  and  Lucky recipient Of a brand new Vedder's crab trap. 

Also on August 11th , 2019 American Angler Craig Perucki meet up with a great looking family at the Barnegat dock this evening. They  having a great time crabbing. Hand them a well built Vedder's Crab trap to  enrich their catch. Turn out they own Ignite Fitness. American Angler  paying it forward. 

On August 18th, 2019,  American Angler Ronald Stesney met up with Matteo, new to Lacey twp. Going to 3rd grade this year. I've seen  him enjoying our lagoon this summer,  and i got to give him a beautiful  new crab trap from our friends at  Vedder's Crab Traps. American Angler was fortunate enough to acquire a  few to give to kids like Matteo, and it was nice to see him smile! Also  gave him an American Angler decal, but i think he liked the trap  more!Catch em up!