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A great day!


The 2nd Annual American Angler Surf Fishing  tournament on Saturday November 2nd turned over 300 anglers to the beaches of Long Beach Island. The weather was gorgeous but a bit  chilly, around 50 degrees. The water was still warm around 60 degrees  but a bit dirty from a blow the day before. Several species were landed  that were score able. Bluefish, Striped Bass, Sharks, Black Drum,  several Fluke (Summer Founder) Sundials and even a Lingcod were landed!  However, a few were considered shorts and or out of season and were not  eligible for scoring. All fish though, 100 percent, were released :-)

Team winners were awarded thousands of dollars in  prize products. Starting with third place, the Cherry Hill Team scored a  bunch of with little Aiden Ruff scoring a Bluefish to put the team in  the winnings! The second Place Team goes to RH Custom Rods Team "A" with  Gary Born landing the winning Bluefish at 14.5 inches. But, the first  place award goes to RH Custom Rods Team "B" with Sammy Cantalano scoring  several fish including Bluefish and sharks. Congrats to all of the  winners

Individual awards starting with 2nd place  was a tie and went to Francine Cutter and Stan Tomporoski. First Place went to Stephen Mckee with five fish scored! Congrats!

Ryan and Brayden O'Connell both walked away with youth prizes. So did Aiden  Ruff with nice prizes. Largest fish Female went to Sharon Otto with a  large Sundial and Sammy Catalano won with his Bluefish.

All  in all it was a great day and a great thank you goes out to all of our  participants, sponsors and volunteers. Go to in  a few days to see the pictures that were taken of this now annual  event.

Carl Hartmann
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The American Angler Catch N Release Tourney is next for our members only. March 1st thru April 15th, 2020.

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