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1st Annual American Angler Classic


The 1st Annual American Angler Classic Surf Fishing Tournament is now taking on participants. This tournament is on Sunday April 28th, located on Seaside Park, NJ. Sponsored by Muller Insurance and Fireplaces Plus. See the application, details and rules below.

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1st Annual American Angler Classic




Welcome to the American Angler Classic, a surf fishing

tournament brought to you by American Angler Fishing

Club. The American Angler Classic will be held in

Seaside Park on Sunday, April 28, 2019. Mobile judge

stations will be every 200 - 300 feet. This Tournament

has free 4 x 4 access with paid registration. Parking

along North Ocean Avenue is available with paid

metered parking or free parking just a block or so west

of North Ocean Avenue. The awards will be announced

at 3pm. Anglers who win will receive a check that day

for their winnings. As always, may as well have a little

party after a great day on the beach. This tournament is

limited and early registration is advised.


There are two categories for Prizes. Adult and Youth.

Prizes below are awarded to the largest in length fish

landed and scored as per the rules.

For adults 18 years and older

First Prize Largest Fish - $300.00

Second Prize Largest Fish - $150.00

Third Prize Largest Fish - $100.00

For Youths under 18 years of age

(Youths are not eligible for money prizes)

First Prize Largest Fish - Rod/Reel Combo & Bag of Tackle - Value $100.00

Second Prize Largest Fish - Bag of Tackle - Value $50.00

Third Prize Largest Fish - Bag of Tackle- Value $25.00

(You can register via PayPal on the membership page under membership. Just make sure you pay the correct amount and put your full name, age and email in the notes)

Time and Place

Sunday, April 28, 2019 Seaside Park, NJ


7:00am - 2pm..............Fishing

3:00 pm...... Awards Ceremony & Raffle Drawing


Early Registration:

Ages 18 and older: $25.00

Under 18: $10.00

Children 12 and under must be accompanied

by an adult, and are still required to register.

Day of (late) Registration: 6am - 7am

Seaside Park Municipal Complex.

Upstairs 2nd floor Court Room.

1 Municipal Plaza, Seaside Park, NJ.

Adult (18 and over) $30.00

Youth (under 18) $10.00

Early registration raffle drawing and awards to

be held at the same location from 3 - 3:30pm

Early Registration Incentive

If postmarked or registered online

by April 18th you will:

• Save on adult registration fee!

• Be eligible for a drawing for the Costa DelMar Sunglasses. Value of $250.00

• Avoid delays! Pre-registration allows you to go directly to the beach.


1. Only the following fish exceeding the minimum length

listed below are eligible for entry:

Black Drum - 16 in. Bluefish - 14 in.

Striped Bass - 28 in. Kingfish - 10 in.

Note: Minimum length for this tournament may differ from

New Jersey saltwater regulations. Skates, Sea- Robins and

other species not above do not get scored!

2. Fish caught from any boat, surfboard or other floating

device will not be eligible.

3. Fish may be caught from any OCEANSIDE part of the

Seaside Park. No bayside fishing of any kind will be allowed.

4. Terminal tackle will be limited to 2 hooks. A plug counts as

1 hook. Individuals are limited to 2 rods while fishing.

5. Judges will make a vertical cut in the tail to show the fish

has been measured, unless it is immediately released alive.

6. Please bring sufficient bait, weather gear and food.

7. All fish MUST be measured where caught. Mobile Judges

will be available.

8. Refer to the current Marine Digest for saltwater fishing


9. Fishing starts at 7am and ends at 2pm. Strictly Enforced.

10. Largest fish (All species included) over all by length

scored, will qualify for the 3 prizes in each category.

11. Fish will be scored once beyond minimum length is

achieved to the nearest 1/4 inch. In case of a tie, a girth of

the fish can be requested at the time of scoring. Largest

girth will break a tie. Fish shall be measured from the tip

of the snout to the tip of the tail (tail swiped).

12. This is a rain or shine tournament. Registration fees are

non refundable.

13. No wading beyond your waist. This means if your waist get

wet from the surf in any way, back up! Judges will only

give you one warning for this. A second infraction will

disqualify you from the tournament. This is a safety and

insurance issue.

14. Participants may enter as many fish to be scored no matter

of what qualifying species. However, only the 3 largest fish

in the two categories will be winners.

15.  A participating angler that is partially or fully disable at the time the tournament may prior to the tournament, request to the chairman, assistance with the casting portion of the tournament. Meaning that if they need to have a person assist them in  their casts, they may have that person cast for them through the entire  tournament. However, it should be clear that the person assisting is  casting, is to only have cast of an average level of skill of any normal angler and not taking advantage of the "Assistance rule". Aka like hiring a pro to fish for them. However, it is the full responsibility of  the registered angler to handle the fishing rod after the cast which  includes all aspects of landing a fish. 

16. American Angler has the final decision on all matters related to this tournament.


1st. Annual American Angler Tournament Application

Download the Application here via PDF file. Or to pay via PayPal, go to our membership Tab up top!

Lionfish Hunter

Roger Muller Jr.

Check out Roger Muller Jr. web page for Lionfish Divers. Roger is a friend and sponsor of American Angler.

This page is about  .....

Spreading the Word about Lionfish

This  Lionfish website was started by Roger J. Muller, Jr. in March of 2018  to spread the word about how Lionfish are destroying the underwater  marine world. Lionfish are eating all the small tropical fish, small  shrimp and lobsters. If we do not educate others to the problem no one  will know about it and care. By Lionfish hunting, scuba diving and  snorkeling, we take photos of the lionfish and write articles that will  help people understand that lionfish do not belong in the Atlantic and  Caribbean Oceans. As a scuba diver, I decided seven years ago to take up  the plight of killing as many lionfish as possible to cut their numbers  down.



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